Michael Schnitzka

Get Ready to hit life's reset button!

Michael Schnitzka is a masterful sales coach and charismatic public speaker with over 25 years of professional experience. As a world-record holding ultramarathon athlete and all-around adventurer extraordinaire, he’ll guide you through his journey of a lifetime while encouraging you to make the most of your own. Michael's timeless message of “tomorrow is promised to no one” has been embraced by people of all ages – from schools and social groups to businesses and professional organizations.

Escaping the Velvet Rut

Some Exciting Stories Discussed:

  • Paddling 21 hours a day for 23 days
  • Bicycling in 120-degree heat, competing in a 3000, mile race
  • Training with SEAL Team 6 Members
  • Paddling Canoe for 52 hours straight

Michael's Resume Includes:

  • World Record Holder – canoeing Mississippi River, fastest time
  • World Record Holder – canoeing Wisconsin River, fastest time
  • World Record Holder – crossing Lake Michigan by canoe, fastest time
  • Triathlete, Adventure Racer, Race Across America Competitor
  • One of Milwaukee’s 12 most fascinating men, M Milwaukee’s Lifestyle Magazine - March 2011
  • U.S. Army Veteran

Escaping the Velvet Rut available on Amazon

Come along on a wild ride as Michael Schnitzka recounts more than 30 years of exhilarating highs and soul-crushing lows as a competitive paddler and endurance athlete. Jump on board when the happy-go-lucky college student double-dog-dares a friend to embark on a “Huck Finn” canoe adventure down the Wisconsin River.

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